About Us


About Us

We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as the leading manufacturers and suppliers of UltraViolet water purification systems in India and overseas for the past two decades. Our entire production, assembly, testing, research and development divisions are manned by fully competent professional managers whose only job is to give the Top Quality product to our customers. As a result of the customer-friendly policy, we have a list of satisfied customers countrywide since last two decades.


Our Mission

Service is a hallmark of our company – it is simply swift and
dedicated whenever required.


Our Services

We are capable of purifying water from 100 to 25,50,000 Ltrs per hour based on Ultra Violet Water Purification System which has distinct advantages over conventional means of treating water without any undesirable change in its physical or chemical composition. It is considered to be the most modern, rapid, easy, effective, compact, safe, durable and economic solution towards achieving a very high rate of bacterial disinfection. We provide online validation system with all certificates as per FDA requirement. We have pioneered the technique of Fail safe online Digital U.V. Intensity meter measuring of 30,000 microwatts/cm2 U.V. Intensity for U.V. Systems. As well as handled UV Intensity meter.

We use only the finest 316 Stainless Steel U.V. System chamber Electro polished internally as well as externally for years of corrosion free service. The system allows water to come in contact with Ultra Violet rays having 30,000 microwatts second/cm2 U.V. Dosage & 2537 Angstrom (254 nm) units wavelength. The SILICA QUARTZ JACKET provides 100% efficiency due to its pure crystal clear transparency as compared to the TEFLON TUBES which has only 25% transparency. Our system is designed to produce bacteria-free water. We supply Air Purification systems to suit all types of users & air duct. We also doing UV Equipment can reduce high TOC levels – concern in many commercial and high purity water treatment applications in the final product water.

Above all, we have been regularly supplying our equipment and spares to reputed distributors and dealers all over India who have found our products satisfactorily after years of use. We can furnish I.Q. and O.Q Certificate also.